19 September 2008

The Jelly is Set!

I finally made that batch of jelly last night. Although, I'm unsure why I started such a project at bedtime knowing I had to be up early today. I was so eagerly anticipating the sealing that I sat in the living room anxiously awaiting those little pops. I'm a nerd. The jars won out.

I awoke this morning to find all of the jars properly sealed and set. Hooray! I was a little nervous about the set since the pectin box stated it could take up to 3 weeks! Who wants to wait 3 weeks for jelly?

I made a dozen 4 oz jars and 2 half pints of apple raspberry using Old Orchard juice. The process was fairly easy. I was pleasantly suprised. I'd love to post pictures. The full jelly jars are beautiful after all, but the camera is out of commission. Permanently, I think. We'll taste it in a couple of days, if my kids can wait that long. As long as we taste okay, Chritmas is done! Woo-hoo!

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