23 September 2008

New Video -- Meal Planning

The "Cents"ible Sawyer has a new video up on her blog. Denise guides you step by step through the meal planning process. Go check out her video here. I really loved her cookbook idea. What a great way to keep track of recipes instead of trying to remember just what magazine they were in. Plus, it will eliminate those piles of magazines everywhere!

While we are on the subject of meal planning, Graham Family Ministries offers free downloadable forms here that you can use to help you plan meals, grocery lists, meals etc. They are very well organized and easy to use.

Happy meal planning


Crista said...

I really like these videos! While I don't have near the space that she does, I have my own little stockpile that I use. I also do meal planning, usually for 2 weeks at a time because I only go to the grocery store every 2 weeks. Though, occasionally, I'll stop in for milk or eggs or baby formula. I've already been doing a lot of the things that she does (inventorying and list-making) but I think I might start keeping a running list of what is in the freezer/pantry so that I don't have to do a new inventory every time I go to the store.

I also really like the idea of making a "cookbook". I already have msot of my favorite recipes in a database on my computer, so it would be easy to print those off.

Beulah said...

I stockpile, but my stockpile is divided between the garage for toiletries and a rubbermaid shelf for the grocery items. I was very jealous to see her spacious pantry! lol We have no cabinet space in our kitchen.

I loved the cookbook idea. I think I may do that one myself too!

Crista said...

I would LOVE to have a pantry like hers some day! Right now, I have one cabinet in my kitchen and it is used for dishes, so I use a large rolling cart and another stand-alone cabinet for food. I usually have enough food on hand to feed my boyfriend and I for at least a month, sometimes more. The only problem I run into with that is that we have a small freezer, so I never have enough meat and whatnot for more than a couple weeks. Luckily, we do at least 2 or 3 meatless meals per week.

I really would love a large pantry and a freezer! I would LOVE a freezer.