24 October 2008

It's a Build and Grow Saturday!

This Saturday, October 25, Lowe's is hosting one of thier Build and Grow workshops for kids. The scheduled project is a pumpkin--perfect for Halloween. You can see which stores are participating in your area here. The workshops are recommended for grades 1 and up, but you'll need to contact your individual store to see if smaller children may participate with parental assistance.

Here's what I love about these workshops:
*They are free
*Great way to spend quality time together
*They make it fun for the kids. My son has his own Lowe's apron, nametag, and goggles!
Plus, he recieved a patch and certificate for every project he completes.
*It is a valuable learning experience. Kids can benefit from learning how to use tools and put
things together. I think the building is great for his self-esteem, and he is learning creative
thinking, how things go together, and patience.
*The kids are catered to kids and built by the kids using kid-sized tools.

Some Lowe's stores are also offering alternative projects for those not interested in the holiday project. Again, contact your store for specific details.

Have fun building!

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