15 November 2008

Baking Day!

Today I decided to do a baking day. My husband and I don't really have anything we can take with us in the mornings to snack on, and we rarely have time for breakfast in the morning. I had the day off of work, so I decided today would be a great day to take action, rather than just talk about it. I wasn't able to really get any housework done beyond several sinks full of dishes, but here is what I did get accomplished.

** 1 lemon meringue pie (I was craving it!)
** 2 dozen zucchini muffins
** 1 loaf of cinnamon bread
** 1 dozen dinner rolls
** foccacia
** 2 baguettes

Doing all of this baking today, even though it was a lot of work, will save us in the coming week. I know that I'll have nutritious, homemade foods for our family. It will save me time at dinner, and my husband and I will have things we can take to class with us which will prevent us from wasting money on take out. I'll do a little more cooking tomorrow for the week ahead. I'll do baked oatmeal and puffs for quick breakfasts. Maybe I'll make a double batch up pancakes for breakfast and freeze the rest. . .but then again, I better not get too far ahead of myself =)

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