12 November 2008

I have a sickness

and its name is coupons. I wish I were lying, but it's true. There are worse afflictions I could suffer from.

Some more debilitating, others less so.

For example, today I was frantically searching the car for the two new Progresso coupons I'd printed off today. Who can beat soup for $.15 a can? Unless of course said coupon cannot be located, and those soups will sure come in handy for my husband and youngest son when I go on my long trip this summer.

Luckily, I found the coupon. Our stockpile is enjoying the new company.

Here are some signs you may too suffer from coupon sickness:

** you wake up early on Sunday morning to get the paper, and you look forward to pouring over the inserts
** you can never have too many inserts
** coupons are currency
** you often begin conversations, with "you'll never guess what I bought . . ."
** your coupons go with you anytime you leave the house
** on the rare occasion you enter a store without said coupons, you ponder going back to the car to retrieve them -- even though you don't have coupons for the items you are buying
** you have a stockpile with enough toothpaste for all the neighbors
** you have another stockpile of canned soup, rice, pasta, cereal, and cereal bars
** you feel jaded when your free samples don't include a money saving coupon
** you use multiple computers to maximize your online coupon printing potential (maybe that's just me)

Do you suffer from coupon sickness? If not, careful, it's highly contagious. Don't say I didn't warn ya! =)


Wildwood Mama said...

Funny post! I nearly cried when I ran out of ink in the printer and I couldn't print out my coupons!

Tia said...

I can relate on too many levels. I just recently found your blog and think you have a fabulous sense of humor. I will have to add you to my blogroll!