28 November 2008

It's A Thanksgiving Miracle...pt 2

I was answered with a more fervent meow. I quickly gathered my purse and the mail I'd thrown aside after hearing the first sound and tossed them in the house. I sent the boys inside as well, and quickly headed to the neighbor's.

Let me just say that Miss June is such a sweet lady. Really. We couldn't have asked for a better neighbor. She's been in her house since it was first built back in the 50's. Really, she's precious, but she seemed more than a littleskeptical that I'd heard a meow from her shed. Still, she agreed to open the door for me.

I quickly raced around back, through the gate, and to the door of the shed. The meow grew more fervent. I could hear tags clinking. I called "Patchy", and knew I'd found our cat when he again responded. I was terrified what I'd find when she opened that door. How long had he been in there? What kind of shape would he be in?

She unlocked the door, and I had my answer.

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