10 November 2008

Kraft First Taste

Have you signed up for Kraft First Taste? You should. Just follow the link!

This is another one of the word of mouth programs companies are currently offering. Why are word of mouth programs so great for you? Companies know many consumers are brand loyal, and they want to be that brand for you. Companies also know that we talk to one another about the things we like and don't like, and they reward you for essentially for advertising your good experiences on their part.

Through the new word of mouth programs, companies are offering substantial discounts in the form of coupons and sending you products to review for free. This is a great way for you the consumer to try out new products for free and save yourself some grocery funds.

It's a win-win situation! I signed in to my account today and signed up to recieve a sample of new single serving Jello mixes. Yummy! These offers vary, so there is always something new to try!

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