10 November 2008

Making Your Home A Haven - Pt 1, Tidy

The Home Spun Heart is doing a series this week on making your home a haven. Each day she will present a new topic. Today's theme is tidy. You can follow along here.

Needless to say, my house is not much of a haven these days or tidy, at all. In fact, I'd be better off comparing it to a war zone since it looks like a bomb went off in the center. I've been meaning to get things done, but nothing is getting accomplished! And the list of to-dos is oh so long...

It is very discouraging. But, that aside, I can do this! I can regain control of the mess!

My plan for today is to finish and put away the laundry, thoroughly vacuum all rooms, mop, and declutter in preparation for the rearranging and painting that need to be done. If I have time, I'll bathe the dog 'coz frankly, he smells. What use is a clean house if it gives off the aroma of dirty pooch?

Maybe the list and blogging will keep me accountable for actually getting it all done. . .

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