25 November 2008

Tried-and-True: Progresso Soup

I am a member of General Mills' Pssst Program. As a member, I get exclusive coupons and offers to try new products. If I like a product, I am able to pass my savings along in the form of high dollar coupons.

Recently, we purchased a lot of Progresso Soup using a Pssst coupon. By combining the coupon with an existing sale, we were able to snag the soup at a mere $.15 per can. Now, that's my kind of deal.

I finally popped open a can for dinner the other night. I had two hungry children rapidly approaching bedtime (yes, bedtime), and needed to come up with something quick. I served the Traditional Chicken Noodle over mashed potatoes.

I was impressed with the taste. Both children happily gobbled it all up. I was also impressed with the amount of vegetables in the soup, vegetables that were in fact of good texture. You know how sometimes the veggies in canned soup are a little bland and mushy? Not so with Progresso! The soup also had a good chicken flavor, though I didn't notice too many chunks of chicken in the soup.

The Verdict:

The soup was good. It also wasn't too high in calories, fat, or sodium. I am pleased. All of those cans will come in handy for my husband and youngest son while I'm away next summer.

Wanna try some yourself? Go ahead and use this $1.10/1 coupon here. It'll make it about $.50 a can, less if you find a good deal. While you're at it, go ahead and sign up for Pssst yourself here.

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