21 January 2009

Clothing Savings

How do we save money on clothes in our house?

I buy everything that I can on clearance. This does take a bit of planning on my part as the best deals on clearance clothing generally come in the off season. It also pays off--I was able to buy the boys really nice winter coats for this year during the off season for $8 a piece and shoes for the summer for $4 a piece! My advice is to always check the clearance racks and to plan ahead. Don't limit yourself to clothing for the current season.

I also love, love, love thrift stores! That is where I've always bought the bulk of my own clothing. Part of it is the refusal to spent more than a certain amount on things for myself, but often I am able to get much nicer things than I would have been able to afford brand new. You'd never know where I shop by looking at my clothes. I always score great deals on things at stores like Goodwill. Many stores donate their end of season clearance to Goodwill, so you are able to buy brand-new merchandise for pennies on the dollar!

We also never turn down an offer of hand me downs. I love when my sister cleans out her closet and sends me the goods. We have always been blessed with very nice things for the boys given to us from others.

Freebies 4 Mom has another great Coupons.com tip up with ideas for saving money on clothes. Go check out her ideas here. All of these tips apply to other aspects of household purchasing as well. Think holiday decorations, home decor, linens, etc.

Happy shopping and saving!

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