14 January 2009

Eat Out Less

Eating out is one of the biggest financial struggles in our house. $10 here and $10 there can add up very quickly! While it is convenient, eating out can quickly eat a larger than anticipated hole in your budget. In addition, you may be compromising on your health as well depending on where you choose to eat out.

Heather over at Freebies 4 Mom has a great post up here on this very topic. She includes tips on how to avoid an unexpected dinner out. Go check it out!


Crista said...

Good article. This is something that we are trying to work on, too. I have to say, my biggest obstacle to cooking more is having a dirty kitchen. I need to work out a plan to keep it clean, so I will be inspired to cook more. I love cooking, but when I have to do an hours worth of cleaning before getting to cook, it sort of takes the fun out of it.

Beulah said...

I understand! That is generally why meals take so long around here--becuase I have to do the dishes so I have room to cook!

kitcat2006 said...

I have learned that if you clean as you go....you won't have that big of a mess to start...something I learned from Steven's mom. :)