18 March 2009

Works for Me: Leaving notes on the mirror

Leaving notes for myself on the bathroom mirror really works for me. I simply use a dry erase marker to write down whatever it is that I need to remember to do or to remind my husband of things as well.


1. I need to write things down in order to remember them. I love lists, but they don't work if I don't look at them.

2. If it's in the bathroom mirror, I'll look at it several times a day. I stare right at it when I was my hands!

3. Being in the bathroom, it's also harder to ignore. Again, I stare right at it. Plus, my mind is normally not as cluttered when I'm in there as well.

This would also work great for an entry-way mirror in your home. Beware though. Many guests will come to you in your home with raised eyebrows wondering, "Why do you have TRASH written on your bathroom mirror?" Easy peasy. "I wanted to make sure the toter made it to the street, so the garbage man could haul our garbage away."

Makes sense, right? Go check out the rest of the Works for Me Wednesday posts over here.


Lisa said...

My husband writes important notes and reminders on his office window with dry erase markers. We all tease him that it reminds us of the movie "A Beautiful Mind", but it works!!

Michelle said...

HA! I thought this was about writing love notes to your husband. LOL...it's about trash! LOL.

Before we repainted our bathroom we would leave notes on the drywall to each other. Occasionally my teen would need to go in there...I always hoped she didnt read it...though, for the record, they were PG 13...NOT R.

I have NOT mailed your book because I have not had a car all week...but hopefully tomrrow.