15 April 2009

Works For Me: Coupon Organizing

Finally the post you've all been waiting for . . . drum roll please . . . my coupon organizing system complete with photos. Thanks to my friend Brandy for planting the seed for this idea!

What you'll need:

** 3 ring binder
** binder inserts designed to hold baseball cards
** tabbed dividers
** zippered pouch (optional)
** plastic folder inserts or sheet protectors (optional)

The first thing you'll need to do is to decide what categories you'd like to divide your coupons into. My categories are:

** grocery
** bath and body
** medicine and vitamins
** personal care
** household
** pets
** misc

Here's a closeup if you're interested.

Once you get your tabs all figured out, it's time to put them in the binder. Behind each tab you'll want to place several of the baseball card inserts.

Now that you have your inserts installed, you're ready to put your coupons in them. I like to fold the coupons so I can see the value in the front and the expiration date in the back.

Finally, I like to put a zippered pouch in the front. I use this to keep track of reciepts.

I use the folder inserts to hold store specific coupons like for CVS and Walgreens. Sheet protectors are great for holding copies of your store's coupon policies. These are nice to have if there are questions at the store.

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kitcat2006 said...

Maybe when you come to visit me, you can help me get organized and make my own grocery and coupon binder. I think I would probably add a notepad to it so I could make a list of things I would need.

I guess I would also try to make a map of each store layout too....some store I don't know too well...

I need you hun! I am getting nervous about having my c-section. 2 weeks....Crista said something like it is finals week...are you still going to be able to be here?

Emily B said...

Funny you should post this today...3 days ago I bought all the supplies for my coupon binder, but haven't had a chance to put it together yet! Thanks for the pics and organization ideas!

Michelle said...

I've got to get better organized. thanks for this. Yes, busy week...just now getting over to read this.