05 January 2010

Envelope System -- Free Template!

Do you use the envelope system?  Basically, you set up envelopes for the categories of items you can pay cash for say gas, groceries, and eating out.  The theory behind this is that cash in your hand is harder to part with and better yet, it makes it simpler to stick to your planned budget to have this money earmarked.

Today I came across this tutorial to make your very own customized envelope system for your wallet.  These are so pretty!  I can't wait to print these off and make some of my own.  I also think these would make a great gift paired with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book.

This system has really helped us cut down our grocery budget!  You can read more about this at Dave Ramsey's site.  While you're there, check out the baby steps toward financial freedom.

Thanks to Kelleigh for creating these and being sweet enough to share them with us. =)
Also thanks to Money Saving Mom for sharing the post. =)

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Roxane said...

I totally did this in High School! I worked for cash every week so I had an envelope per expense (food, gas, cellphone, insurance, ect" and I would make it so I had to put money in every friday! It worked great