11 September 2008

A Time To Be Thankful

As everyone knows, today is Sept 11th. For me, I know it will be a very hard time to forget.

While driving home today, I was listening to a piece on NPR debating the issue on whether too much or too little focus is placed on the tragedy that occured 9.11.01. I am not going to address that issue in this blog, but something stated in that piece brought me to tears.

A girl emailed the show stating she had been only 7 when the event took place, and one of her most vivid memories of that day was watching her 2nd grade teacher cry. How heartbreaking to witness and how lucky I'm sure these children were to have such a teacher!

Today serves as a reminder to be thankful for the everyday heroes we so often forget - our service families, doctors, police, firefighters, teachers, and clergy just to name a few.

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