10 September 2008

Today's Walgreen's Success

So I totally hit the jackpot at Walgreens today -- over multiple transactions! We are well stocked on cold/flu/allergy medicine for the season with plenty left over to give away and donate!
Here's what I got:

Trans 1:
4 Chex Mix- on sale $.99
3 Dimetapp 4 oz. - on sale $3.99
Excedrin Migraine - 50 ct
--coupons used:
$2/1 - Excedrin Migraine
4 $1/1 - Chex Mix
3 $2/1 - Dimetapp
$10 register reward
I paid $3.25 and earned another $10 register reward (RR) (they had to put it on a gift card because it didn't actually print out)

Trans 2:
3 Dimetapp 4 oz. - on sale 3.99
---used 3 $2/1
I paid $6.81 on the gift card and earned another $10 RR

Trans 3:
3 Children's Benadryl Easy Dose 10 ct.
--used $1/1 any Benadryl
$10 register reward
--$1.81 on gift card and earned $4 RR

Trans 4:
3 Dimetapp - clearance $2.99 - $3.19
1 cottonball - sale $.99
-- used $4 RR
$1.38 on gift card, paid $5.49 cash, earned $10.70 (also was put on a gift card - Although the ad said any 4 0z, the RR didn't print. The manager gave me the tax on the $10 for whatever reason--he called it a bonus!)

Trans 5: (Yes, I did all of these today with both boys in tow!)
3 Children's Benadryl - sale $3.99
-- used $1/1 Benadryl
$10.70 on gift card, $1.11 in cash, and earned one final $4 RR

Are you tired? I sure was!

After the day was all said and done I "bought":
-3 Children's Benadryl liquid
-3 Children's Benadryl Perfect Dose
-9 various Dimetapp (Most of these are appropriate for adults or children)
-1 Excedrin
-4 Chex Mix
I paid a total of $9.85 in "real" money, saved $91.34, and still have a $4 RR for next time!

Now tell me that doesn't make "cents"...


bubbysbusymom said...

Hey Chick! Awesome blog. I promise to check you out regularly between checking my email and my bank account (those are the only things I have time for on a regular basis.) So how did you do that!? Maybe I'm out of the loop but what are Register Rewards? I always knew I liked Walgreens. Apparently I should shop there more often!

Beulah said...

Register Rewards are in-store coupons that print off at the end of your order when you buys select items, kind of like the Catalina's at Meijer or the Extra Care Bucks at CVS. The goal is to buy things that will either be free after coupons (like the Chex Mix) or things that will produce RR that you can rollover to buy more of the same item or something else you need. Obviously my kids aren't going to need all of that Dimetapp this winter, but I have plenty to give away to my friends as their kids get sick or to donate to a local charity (think women's shelter or food pantry).

Sometimes you get super lucky like I did this week and there are coupons out that you can use in combination with the deals to not only get free stuff but get paid to do so!

It is a learning process, but definitely worth it. Having a stock pile created within your budget really helps out when times are a little thin!