28 October 2008

Tried-and-True Tuesday: Dutch Baby

So, I've decided to try a new thing around here. Every Tuesday, I'm going to do a little review. It may be of a recipe, a blog, a household tip, a good, a service. The possibilities are endless! The point is to share things I've tried and have experience with, so you can decide whether or not you want to risk giving it a go. Sounds fun, right?

This week, I'm sharing a recipe I found on Emily's blog here. Don't let the name freak you out. This baby's delicious! (even if it is a little creepyish sounding name)

I was slightly worried about the effort required to make it. I've made puffy omelets. They are similar but much easier and without the weird moist texture. You simply mix together a simple batter, melt butter in a pie pan in the oven, pour in the batter, and bake.

The butter didn't burn. I was a little concerned since I was putting it into a 450o oven. It turned out fabulous! Rather than fill our basket with fruit, I simply added a little homemade jelly and dusted it with powdered sugar. Prep and bake time both were quick. Effort was super minimal.

Most importantly, my kids loved it! Even the little one once I convinced him to try a bite. The boys quickly gobbled it all up. It was a hit. I'm planning on buying some peaches to add next time. Mmmmm!

You can make your own Dutch Baby by checking out Emily's recipe here. Don't forget to wonder around. She has some of the best recipes and craft ideas. Besides that, her blog is just plain fun! Happy creating!


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