01 November 2008

Frugal Friday Pt 2 -- Post Halloween Extravaganza

The days after Halloween are a great way to score some super goodies! Depending on where you shop, beginning the day after, you can score items between 50-75% off.

Some great stores to raid, I mean try, are:
**Hobby Lobby - decorations, crafts, candy, etc.
**Kmart, WalMart, Target, Walgreens, CVS -- decorations, candy, costumes, costume accessories, etc.
**Your grocer -- candy, perhaps costumes, decorations, etc.

A few reasons I try to go out bargaining:
**costumes can be very expensive. No one will know you or your children are wearing last year's costume. Leftover costume fare also makes great gifts for dress up boxes!
**Crafts are generally pretty versatile. Orange and black paints, pom-poms, etc. can be used for more than just Halloween. Super cheap Halloween goodies make for cheap Halloween scrap book pages!
**Clearance candy works just as well for stocking stuffers as the other stuff. We pop the bags in the freezer where they'll last for months. The kids will never know the difference, that is unless there are ghosts on their candy bars. In which case, you can claim a "Christmas Carol" theme. =)
**Decorations, etc. don't go bad, but they do make you smile extra wide when you know they were so cheap!

In other news, WalMart today was a mad house. I am truly saddened. Shopping for anything during the holidays makes me want to cry. The stores are full, the lines long, the customers are bitter, and on and on. My husband made the comment that Halloween is the new Thanksgiving. After the long lines and Christmas shoppe at WalMart today, I am beginning to wonder...

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