01 November 2008

Frugal Friday -- Your Friendly Local Library

**Due to Halloween fun, Frugal Friday is a Saturday edition this week. And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging!**

The public library is an excellent resource for frugal fun. They allow you to borrow movies, cds, books, and many other wonderful things without any cost to you and without cluttering your house with extra stuff. Many libraries also offer workshops and sessions for all members of your family.

But, what if you don't have a library? Some city libraries will allow you to become a member for a certain fee. I know that fee is very high where I live for residents who live outside of city limits. It is up to your family to decide if the fee is worth it to your family if a fee applies.

For those of you who don't want to pay, did you know that a library card is free to most public universities? If you live near a university, you may consider becoming a member there as well or instead of membership at a public library. Membership is free to ALL public university libraries provided you are a resident of the state you are applying for membership in. These can also be great resources for materials to borrow. In addition, many of these libraries will have archived information about their local area. They are a great way to learn about the town you are in.

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