19 November 2008

Tried-and-True: New Pillsbury Grand's Frozen Cinnamon Rolls

I am a member of General Mills' Pssst Program. As a member, I get exclusive coupons and offers to try new products. If I like a product, I am able to pass my savings along in the form of high dollar coupons.

One such offer was to try the new Pillsbury Grand's frozen cinnamon rolls. I recieved a coupon in the mail for a free package, as well as about 10 coupons to save $1.25/1. We tried the Mini rolls.

When I first opened the bag, I was a little nervous about how small the frozen rolls were. I decided I'd better make the entire bag--12 mini rolls. They cooked up in a reasonable amount of time, only slightly longer than their refrigerated counterparts. They rose much more than I'd anticipated in the oven. They were almost double their size. We could have gotten by with making only half of the bag.

The Verdict:

They were very good. They feature Cinnabon brand cinnamon. Mmmmm! I really liked the fact that the bag came with multiple icing packets. It does seem like a little extra packaging, but it's great for people who may not make the entire bag at one time. It was also great for people like me who will save that extra sticky goodness for another time! The only thing that disappointed me was the bag not being resealable, but I guess that's what Ziplocs are for. =)

You can read what Pssst has to say about them here.

Wanna try them for yourself? I recommend it. Go on. You deserve a treat. Go print yourself a coupon for $1.25/1 here. If you want, you can go sign up for Pssst yourself here.

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