18 December 2008

Frugal Failures: Beef Back Ribs

I went out the weekend after Thanksgiving to do my big shopping trip for the month. I try to stock up on the requireds at the beginning of the month. This saves me time and hassle. Since I go to the store less, I save money as well.

I was eagerly anticipating some great markdowns on meat leftover from the holiday. I scored a great deal on a ham and some ribs. I'd never tried beef ribs before, but at $5 for a large pack marked down, I figured it was worth a shot.

Don't get me wrong, they were good, what meat there was to have on them. I was disappointed to cook them up and find them to be nothing more than a heap of fat with a little meat thrown in for good measure. Really my seven year old could've eaten the whole slab. It was that bad.

These would be great to flavor beans or greens or to make broth out of. They fail as the main course. I guess you live and learn . . .

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