04 February 2009

Random Wednesday #2

At our house, we enjoy inputting our children's names in place of the normal words of a song. Especially the little one's name. He's young enough that it's still funny when I sing "There's neve been a kid like Aydan Ez" to the tune of the Veggie Tales theme song.

His brother had his own song I made up for him. He'd ask for me to sing him the "Alex song". The little one is slightly deprived in that respect. And he's getting over hearing his name in songs. Or at least daddy's songs.

Daddy puts his name in every song. That or something about butt whipping.

Recently while his dad was belting out a name-altered rendition of something told his dad to "stop with all that noise."

Next he'll be telling me we can't sing and dance in the grocery store.

My little man is growing up.

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