20 February 2009

What I Need. . .

Bear with me. This just sounded fun to me. I know I should probably get out more. Here's the rules:

Type your first name needs in quotes in your search engine. I used Swagbucks and won a buck! Then, just giggle about all of the silly things you "need". Thanks to Missy at Grasp the Love for the fun idea. You can read what she needs and find links to other lists here.

Beulah needs:

1. EMTs (um, okay)

2. the imaginative capacity for transformation that can lighten the burdens of history and allow for change

3. a tech makeover

4. affection, intimacy, and conversation

5. help

6. get back together (with who or what are we speaking?)

7. to focus on her own vivid blood (that one's just creepy)

8. only one win (what's the prize?)

9. a new water tower

10. a good fine-tooth cleaning (lol. . . I showered today, I promise!)

See wasn't that a waste of time, I mean, fun. Lots of fun!


Missy said...

These are SO funny! Thanks for playing along!

kitcat2006 said...

Here are my top 2..and I think it's funny.....

Cathi needs......

!. money

2. reservations