25 February 2009

Works For Me: Easy Snacks

For easy snacks at our house, I have a drawer in the kitchen set aside for non perishable snacks. I buy things in bulk, and divide them into portions using snack size ziploc bags. It really works for us to have something we can grab and go when we will be out of the house. It's also nice to have snacks that the kids can get to if I am busy with something else.

Things like dried fruit, pretzels, nuts, cereal (cheerios and chex) are staples in the drawer as well as any things that I may have picked up on as good deals. Right now we have a lot of Kashi bars, and I'll be adding PopTarts as well thanks to this great deal at Target (thanks Crystal!). For the kiddos, I'll be separating the Tarts into one per snack bag.

I also dedicate a drawer in the fridge for things like cheese, diced meat, veggies, and fruit. While the cheese and meat are perishable, you can make up a large batch of each and freeze them. This would benefit you in having all of the work done ahead of time, and you would be able to just transfer the amount you would use down the the refrigerator each week. Grapes and bananas both freeze well. They make yummy treats frozen, or you can transfer them to the freezer just as easily.

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1 comment:

Hadley Coble said...

great idea! we have our snacks that the girls can get to anytime too. always good to know of a good deal too!