05 June 2009

5 Things Friday: The Senior Center

Last fall, I had to complete "service learning" as part of an assignment. Actually a major assinment. I ended up in the thrift store at the senior center right around the corner from my house. Sadly, I've been here three years, and I.never.knew.it.was.there.

I know. I suck.

BUT, I loved volunteering there so much, I didn't stop after my hours were complete. I even try to arrange my school schedule around it. But sshhh, don't tell my boss!

---5 Reasons I Love Volunteering at the Center---
1) I'm surrounded by a bunch of great people. The employees are great. The volunteers are great. The customers are great.
2) Being around seniors is just downright fun.
3) I can bring my kids to work with me.
4) If I take food to Bruce and Jimmy, they always like it and never complain.
5) I get first dibs (and a discount!) on some great stuff, and I mean great. I bought six chairs fro my kitchen for $9. A pair of wonderful Steve Madden heels for $1. Brand new clothes (tags still on) for just a couple bucks.
What five things do you love about your current job? Your favorite job? Share in the comments section or leave a link!

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