10 June 2009

WFMW: Peeing in the yard

No it's not a typo. You read it right.

Hi my name is Beulah. I have two boys, and I let them pee in the yard. Thank you.

Sometimes I encourage it. Like when my oldest son was potty training, but we were never near a public restroom when nature called. Let's just say, he saw a lot of parking lot action.

Or when our single bathroom is otherwise occupied, I shoo them to the backyard.

The little one eagerly goes out with the dog.

It can be a little embarassing for the hubby. Like when the little one dropped his drawers at the park. I wish I'd been able to capture those little cheeks for you. That and the look on the hubby's face.

Now if I could only get them to pee in the toilet rather than on it . . .

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