21 July 2009

He Smells Better

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Or maybe I should title this Adventures in Nose Stuffing? What is it with boys (maybe it's just mine?) stuffing things up their noses?

My four year old has had a strange aroma for months. Months I tell you people that this poor child has smelled like something crawled inside his head and died. Then it started to decay. It's been an off and on thing, but unnerving to say the least.

He baffled us and the doctors. At first, we thought it was his breath, so we increased the brushing. No luck. Maybe a sinus infection, so we tried saline to flush the boogies. Again no results.

Then, one day, he blew his nose. It was the worst smelling Kleenex ever. It's wasn't his fault, but who wants to be the stinky kid? Very bad thoughts ran through my head about the unknown origins of whatever was going on, but I braved them and took him back to the doctor. AGAIN . . .

Today, she found something up his nose. My four year old replied "It's a dead bug." Really?!?

After retrieving the kit,

she went fishing,

and found what looked like a chunk of tissue. Of course, I asked if that might be the case. The nurse and doctor couldn't figure out what it might be. After the doctor ran it under some water to rinse it . . . PLASTIC. Clear plastic.

What child puts plastic up in his nose?

This one. (Though his story is someone else put it in his nose.)

His first reaction, to take a deep, smiling breath and proclaim, "I smell better!"

Really he does. The aroma is gone, and he spent a good amount of time "sniffing" all the things he hasn't smelled in a while.

Hopefully, he's learned his lesson. Did I mention my oldest son shoved a wad of cotton up his nose once because he got tired of blowing when he had a cold?

BOYS . . .


Michelle said...

OH my goodness. ASA JUST tried sticking a huge bead up his nose JUST YESTERDAY.

Beulah said...

At least he wasn't successful. =)