22 July 2009

Works For Me: Cutting melons

Growing up, my mom always sliced melons. We'd just eat the fruit right out of the rind or cut it out of the slice. I continued this as an adult, opting to slice melon before cutting it out of the rind.

It was a lot of work, but I didn't know any better. I was oblivious. Last year that changed.

My smart and talented friend Sarah recently graduated from a Hospitality and Food Management Program. Last year at a Fourth of July cookout, I watched her cut a watermelon, and my life was changed.

**Thank you Sarah. You changed my life**

First, you need to wash your melon well to remove any extra dirt or anything else that might be hanging out on your rind.

Now that your melon is clean, lay it on a cutting board or other clean surface and cut off the ends.

Now go ahead and stand her up on one of those flat surfaces you just made.

Starting just inside the white edge of the rind, cut down towards the cutting board removing the rind. You may not quite get it all in one swipe. That's okay. You can always go back and trim. Continue around the entire melon.

Once, you get all of the rind off, cut the melon in halves or quarters to make it more manageable.

The only thing left is to cube or slice the melon how you like.

Refrigerate any uneaten portion of the melon. Then, go get a pedicure with all the time you saved.


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Sara said...

Genius! I'll be trying this out with the melon in my fridge!

mub said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing =)