16 July 2009

Writer's Workshop: At least they weren't tighty-whities . . .

The Prompts:

1.) Ask A Dad! Write a letter asking your husband for advice regarding any issue you might have and record his answer

2.) Describe a situation that forced you to confront a neighbor.

3.) Tell us about Grandpa.

4.) Which appliance in your home would you most miss living without if you had to live without.

5.) What are three things we would love to know about you!


**This wasn't so much a confrontation on our part, but a neighbor confronting us. It was just too funny not to share. =)**

We were so excited when we bought our house three years ago. We thought we were moving to a nice quiet neighborhood. We were mostly right. We bought in winter. No one was outside.

Note to self: house hunt in summer -- the crazies don't like the cold.

Within two weeks of our moving in, our neighbor to the west came over to discuss a problem he was having. He asked me to please keep my kids and dog in the house until 2 or 3 in the afternoon because he and his wife work third shift and sleep during the day. Kay . . .

To me that is a bizarre enough request. I make sure my kids and dog aren't being unnecessarily loud at all hours of the day, like yelling and incessant barking. This was also coming from the man who has no problem waking me up at 3 am because he is watching TV too loudly in his backyard.

**clears throat**

My biggest issue that day is that the man showed up (in my front lawn mind you) in the middle of the day IN HIS UNDERWEAR.

I'm sorry, but I just didn't need to know that he prefers boxers. I am thankful however, that he doesn't wear briefs.


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Michelle said...

uh huh. Did you have a shirt on at least?

Crista said...

LOL. That's good old Muncie for you.

Beulah said...

No I don't think he was wearing a shirt. I have seen his hairy Santa belly many times.

Charlene said...

Wow, that's something. I can't believe he expects you to keep your kids in the house between certain times but he doesn't give a hoot about what time you are sleeping.

Visiting from Mama Kat's.

Summer said...

Oh. My. Word. Is all I have to say!

Mama Kat said...

Oh. My. Lawd! You've got to be kidding me!?! WHO thinks that is normal?? I'd be keeping my kids LOCKED in the house and away from that weirdo for sure!! No problem sir!

Beulah said...

Thankfully we have an 8 ft. privacy fence between our house and his. Thank God for small blessings!

And my husband wonders why I want to move to the country...