19 March 2010

Ewwww . . .

(From Christmas.  Ignore the mess)

I learned something unnerving today from my five year old. 

This afternoon, he was wanting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and he wanted to make it. I told him he could make a sandwich, but he couldn't use the jelly because the kids always get huge globs of peanut butter in it.  Then it's ruined.

"Not me," he said.  "I always lick the knife off before I stick it in the jelly."  Then, my husband informed me that they have in fact been using the jelly.

Momma needs to make new jelly. =)


Michelle said...

ha!!!! lol...well at least he told you.

Beulah said...

True. lol . . . but I'm pretty sure Papa has had his fair share of saliva jelly! =)