03 October 2008

I Do So Adore A Good Love Story

and thanks to Owlhaven's Love Stories For October, I'm getting my fix. I'm enjoying them so much, I thought I'd share the links that have been left so far! Hope you enjoy!

Read Missy's Not Your Ordinay Love Story here

Julie has her entire Story of Us up here

Chelsey shares how she and her beau bonded over Stained Glass Windows here

Buh-Duh-Buh-Duh over here to read Amblin's post

Michelle gives you the short and sweet to her Courtship Story here

Part One of Candace's story is here

Katherine begins her How I Met Your Father here

Part One for Theresa begins here

Heather Speaks of Love here
Jenni introduces you to Part One here

and finally, the lady who started it all, Mary begins her journey with First Sight here.

Enjoy your romantic weekend! And keep an eye on the blogs, most of the ladies will be updating next week!

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