02 October 2008

Why Not...

Inspired by Mary over at OwlHaven’s idea for Love Stories in October, I decided on a post of my own to mix things up. Mine is not a series on how I met my husband, but merely a snippet of a date of long ago. I hope you enjoy!

Years ago, after my oldest son was born, I had a chance meeting. Although his dad and I had split, we were still living together with his dad, my son’s grandpa. Yes, it was just as complicated as it sounds and an all around bad situation.

One day, I came home to find the jail from the next county over had called. There were situations in which either my ex or his father could be the jailed. Not an ideal situation to be involved in, but I like to attribute it to being young and dumb. I really thought my ex had been arrested.

I mustered my courage and called the jail. I asked if either of them were in custody. The officer must have sensed something wrong in my voice because he wanted to make sure I was okay. We ended up talking for hours.

I told him much of my situation. Keeping things like that to myself has never been my forte, and the information always comes out in inopportune and maybe inappropriate ways. Maybe this gives me character…At any rate, he asked if he could take me on a date. I consented, but said I’d have to bring the baby along as I had no one to watch him. Suprisingly to me, he agreed.

I can’t remember many times being as nervous as I was that night waiting on him. I don’t think I was convinced he’d even show up. It just seemed too easy. He did show up, and off we went on our date.

At the restaurant, I said with the baby, in seat, beside me and he across. Our waitress came and gushed over the baby. At one point, she looked directly at him and told him what a beautiful baby he had. Fear rushed through me. I decided that it had indeed been too good to be true and prepared for the awkwardness that was sure to follow.

Instead, he simply looked me in the eyes and said thank you. I think that thank you was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

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Amblin said...

What a beautiful snippet of your story! I hope you plan to post more.

Diane said...

As if October is not busy enough while working in the school system, now I have Owlhaven's connections to love stories galore.

This is great, and yes, I do hope to read more about it.

As a gal who already had a baby crawling around our wedding reception, I really connect with you.


dave.heather said...

What a gracious way for him to handle that situation. Sounds like a good person. Thanks for sharing. ~Heather

Wildwood Mama said...

What a neat story...more?

Michelle said...

So was this a single date and nothing more?